Oz-Cover Garages also offer these optional features additional to our standard features to personalise your garage!

Awnings – side awnings provide additional car space to protect your car from the heat of the summer sun or worse those damaging hail storms! And this could save you money on escalating insurance premiums from storm damage to your vehicles! You also have the benefit of a covered entertainment area so you can enjoy the outdoors with family and friends even when the weather turns bad!

Gable Eaves – provide protection over doors and windows to keep them shielded from the sun and rain. They provide a stylish finishing touch to compliment or tie in with your house. Extra ventilation can be provided by having an opening just under the eave to allow hot air to escape from inside your shed, keeping the air inside cooler.

Gable Infill Panel – Covers in the end roof section of open ended buildings to provide a neat, finished look. It also helps to protects items stored in open end bays from the weather.

Glass Sliding Doors – offer an alternative to a personnel door for additional light and a better view of people coming in and going out. Also portrays a more homely appearance to your shed. Security screens can be fitted for additional protection.

Glass Sliding Windows – provide ventilation and an energy free light source in your shed. So if you don’t have power connected in your shed, you’ll still have natural light to find what you’re looking for. And by using the natural light, you’re helping save the environment as well! Security screens can be fitted for additional protection. A variety of sizes are available.

Insulation – Air-Cell™ insulation is a high performance insulation which can reduce the temperature inside your shed by up to 10º on hot days! Not only will you keep nice and cool while doing those necessary chores, the drinks fridge will work more efficiently saving you money on electricity!

Metal Leaf Guard – inserted in the gutter puts a stop to leaf build up which will help protect your gutter and stop leaves spoiling the rain water in your tank by discolouring it! If you’re shed is to be built in a rural or bush fire prone area, sparks can travel large distances and leaf build up in gutters is a major cause for fuelling fires! This can cause damage to stored equipment or even nearby buildings! And because it’s metal it will not fuel a fire like some synthetic leaf guards can.

Metal Vermin Proofing – steel angle fixed to slab edge will assist in providing a barrier to keep rats and snakes from entering your shed. So you may not have to put poison around now which could harm your pets.

Partition Walls – separate bays inside your shed by putting a wall between them. If you need a lockable area for valuable equipment and an open bay for less valuable items, you can include a partition wall to separate a bay and also save money by leaving some walls uncladded. You can even store the mower or garden equipment in a partitioned off section of the shed so they won’t accidentally fall on or hit your car when being taken out for use.

Personnel Access Door – deluxe reinforced pressed metal door including custom made door jambs to provide a stronger, better fitting door which will close securely. You will have a door that will close properly for years to come. A quality entrance lockset is provided so the door can be opened by a doorknob from both the inside and outside giving you the convenience of not having to leave a key in the door so it can be opened from the outside when the shed is constantly in use! Even a latch and hook are included to stop the door banging closed in the wind.

Ridge Ventilation – provides ventilation along either the entire ridge or part of the ridge of larger sheds by removing the hot, humid air that gets trapped in the roof section. Make it a cool and comfortable work area for you or even your livestock by installing ridge ventilation in your shed.

Roller Door Openers – Remote control electric roller door openers give you the convenience of opening the roller door without you having to get out of your car! Now on rainy days you can open your roller door and not get wet. You even have the added security of being able to drive straight into your garage without risking your safety by getting out on a dark night to open the door.

Roof Pitch – With a choice of 10º 15º or 20º roof pitches, you will find the right roof to suit your purpose. 10º is the standard roof pitch and is generally suitable in all shed and garage applications. This is especially so for hangars where the maximum roof height is important for airstrip regulations. Using 15º or 20 º roof pitches creates a higher ridge point and also a steeper roof which can be used to match or tie in with nearby buildings. And because the roof is higher and hot air rises, this will keep the hot air further away from you.

Side Eaves – provide protection over doors and windows to keep them shielded from the sun and rain. Eaves depict a homely look which will transform the ordinary run of the mill shed into a stylish garage for the more discerning buyer. Or perhaps to conform to the covenants on your property this could be the solution!

Skylight – skylight sheets provide additional light in your shed so you can see the job at hand without having to turn on a light which will save on your power bill! Using industrial grade ensures there is minimal glare and heat transfer and it is not as easily damaged.

Turbo Ventilators – or otherwise known as Whirly Birds, provide ventilation by continually removing hot air from inside your shed. So when inside your shed performing those ‘sweaty’ jobs, you’ll be able to keep your cool!