Buildings and Sheds – Details and Design

Here you will find a close up of certain areas to give you a guide to connecting the buildings. These include: Roof and wall cladding fixing; Barge capping and gutter; Column slab connection – Column rafter connection; Top view roller door; Roller door detail bottom; Roller door detail inside; Ridge connection and Ridge connection with mullion.

recommended wall caldding fixing

recommended roof cladding fixing

Recommended roof cladding fixing

Recommended wall cladding fixing

barge capping and gutter

column slab connection

column rafter connection

Barge capping and gutter

Column slab connection

Column rafter connection

top view roller door

roller door detail bottom

roller door detail inside

Top view roller

Roller door detail bottom

Roller door detail inside

ridge connection ridge connection with mullion

Ridge connection

Ridge connection with mullion